Your Happily Ever After

Your MC’s Happily Ever After needs to have measurable outcomes. What defines a successful end to her journey? In the Servant Story Therapy, we refer to these measurable outcomes as Results. Results are the incremental changes in your MC’s Desire Obtainment Journey. But Results in your story can include both Success Results and Failure Results, indicating progress toward your MC’s Happily Ever After or lack thereof.

The plot can be divided into sections marked by these Incremental Results, which, again, may initially involve failures (regression) and gradually transition into successes (progression).

It’s important to describe variables such as your MC’s circumstances, abilities, resources, characteristics, attitude, relationships, Processes, Effects, and Desires at Point A, which become the baseline reading of her Results. It is a description and measurement of her Results at the beginning of the story. At each plot point forward or backward, you will describe the changes to one or more of these variables in a measurable way as the story unfolds.

This is the foundation of the Servant Story Therapy. Everything else we talk about after this is either examining the relationships between these variables or expounding on them.

So what do your MC’s Point A and Point B look like? What variables are most valuable to her? These are the variables you will track.