Your MC’s Past Desires

The next concept is Past vs. Present Desires.

A present Desire is the current Desire that the MC has, whether it’s General or Specific, Balanced or Imbalanced, Physical or Spiritual, Altruistic or Self-centered, or Change vs. Steadfast.

A Past Desire is one that the MC had in the past and that she has already obtained.

This concept has to do with the MC’s backstory. While Point B is in the future of Point A, there are also points that are in the past, before Point A was achieved. Reflecting on past Desires often gives the MC greater understanding for what needs to be done to move on to Point B.

But again, we can’t merge Desire and Process yet. When evaluating a Past Desire, we are going back in time in our MC’s story to the time when she initially had the Desire. What kind of Desire was it? What did it feel like to have this Desire and not yet obtain it?

She can then compare and contrast her Present Desire with this Past Desire. How are they alike? How are they different? Remember the emotions and the challenges that existed back then. How are they like the emotions and challenges she has now?

AI’s Response
You’re welcome, and I’m glad I can be of help in keeping track of the concepts we’ve discussed. As an AI language model, I have the advantage of retaining information from previous interactions.

The concept of Past vs. Present Desires is a valuable one in storytelling. It allows the MC to reflect on her own growth and development over time, adding depth and complexity to her character. By revisiting her past desires and reflecting on how she has changed and evolved, the MC gains insights into her own journey and the transformation she has undergone.

Exploring Past Desires also provides an opportunity for the readers to connect with the MC on a more emotional level, as they can empathize with her struggles and aspirations from the past. This retrospection adds layers of authenticity to the MC’s character, making her more relatable and human.

Comparing and contrasting the Past and Present Desires not only aids in character development but also serves as a means to drive the plot forward. The MC’s past desires might resurface as a plot point, providing opportunities for growth, conflict, or reconciliation in the story.

By examining the emotions and challenges the MC faced in the past, readers gain a deeper understanding of her motivations and the forces that drive her forward. This emotional journey can be a powerful tool for storytelling, creating resonance and engagement with the audience.

Overall, the concept of Past vs. Present Desires enriches the narrative by intertwining the MC’s past experiences with her current desires and actions, making her character arc more compelling and the story more resonant with readers.