Who is your MC responsible for?

Identifying your MC’s role as a Cause is as crucial to your story as identifying her Cause. Think about the family your MC was born into. If your MC is older, does she have children? Or does she have younger siblings? Who are her close friends with whom she has grown up? What responsibilities does she have because of these relationships?

What is her family’s relationship with the community? Are they members of a royal monarchy? Or have there been generations of blacksmiths, bakers, farmers, carpenters, musicians, artists, teachers, mathematicians, scientists, doctors, writers, or other trades within the family that the community relies upon? Has she been trained in one of these trades? Is she an apprentice? Will she continue in her family trade? Or does she desire to learn another trade?

What has she been raised to believe in? Has she been raised in a certain religion? Does she also have these beliefs and values? Or does she question them? Does she seek greater wisdom and knowledge to make sense of her world and resolve her conflicts?