What is the Relationship Between Your Main Character’s Cause and Process?

This relationship explores how the Cause influences the Process. The Cause’s guidance, support, or knowledge can shape the MC’s journey, impacting the decisions and actions she takes throughout the Process.

The Cause has the ability to outline the complete Desire Obtainment Process for the MC because he has obtained the Desire for himself already. He knows the way.

But usually, there are many Causes who are advocating many different Processes to obtain the same Desire.

The advocated Desire Obtainment Process defines who the Cause is. Thus, one major story goal is to choose a Cause. Choosing the wrong Cause is often the source of failures in a story.

In reality, many Causes reveal their Desire Obtainment Process by writing books on a topic they have studied and have journeyed to obtain.

Other Causes have created maps of an area as they explore it for the first time. When early explorers traveled across America from east to west, they created maps. These maps helped subsequent travelers make the journey with more efficiency.

In a story, the Cause may provide clues that help the MC along her journey instead of telling her exactly what she should do. This is done so the MC can learn through experience. She will make mistakes at times and she will have to be aware of the clues, think through mysteries, and make hypotheses. Human beings usually don’t want to be told all the answers. They want to discover the answers through their own experiences.

Because of this General Desire to solve mysteries and to choose for oneself, a Cause will provide clues and sometimes minimal assistance. He knows that the MC wants to do everything she can to obtain her Desires and resolve her Conflicts. She doesn’t want it all done for her. If it is, then the Results aren’t satisfying. They aren’t rewarding.

But neither does the MC want to do everything alone. She wants help. This is actually getting into a Vertical variable, so we don’t have to explore it too deeply here.

The Cause possesses the knowledge and understanding of the complete Desire Obtainment Process because they have already obtained the Desire for themselves. They serve as guides who can outline the pathway and steps required for the MC to achieve her Desire. The Cause’s familiarity with the Process is a result of their own personal experience and journey.

However, it’s important to note that different Causes may advocate for different Processes to achieve the same Desire. Each Cause may present their own perspective, methods, or approaches to obtaining the Desire. This introduces a level of complexity and decision-making for the MC as she must choose the Cause and the associated Process that aligns with her own goals, values, and capabilities. Choosing the wrong Cause can lead to failures or challenges within the story.

In real life, many Causes may share their knowledge and experiences through books, providing a blueprint or guide for others to follow. Similarly, early explorers created maps to help subsequent travelers navigate their journeys more efficiently. These resources assist others in embarking on similar paths towards their own Desires.

In the context of a story, the Cause may not directly provide the MC with all the answers or explicitly tell her what to do. Instead, the Cause may offer clues, minimal assistance, or guidance that allows the MC to learn through her own experiences. This approach respects the MC’s desire to solve mysteries, make discoveries, and choose her own path. It acknowledges that human beings often find greater satisfaction and reward when they actively participate in their own journey and overcome challenges.

While the MC seeks autonomy and the ability to make her own choices, she also desires assistance and support along the way. This desire for help and collaboration touches upon vertical variables, as you mentioned. Exploring the interplay between the MC’s autonomy and her need for assistance adds depth to the narrative and reflects the complexities of human nature.

When we begin to discuss the vertical variables, we can further delve into the concept of seeking help and the dynamics between the MC and the Cause in terms of collaboration, guidance, and the ultimate impact on her journey.

Overall, when you analyze the Cause/Process relationship you can gain valuable insights into the importance of your MC choosing the right Cause and navigating diverse perspectives and approaches to achieving her Desire.