What is the Relationship Between Your Main Character’s Cause and Her Results?

This relationship examines the influence of the Cause on the ultimate Results. The Cause’s guidance and support can impact the outcomes the MC achieves in her journey, potentially leading to different Results based on the nature of their influence.

First, a Cause is able to be a Guide because he has obtained Results through his own Desire Obtainment Journey. He was once as the MC is now. He started at a Point A and then journeyed to Point B. Having done, that he has acquired Resources that give him the power to assist the MC along her journey.

Second, when the MC obtains incremental Results as well as the final Results, the credit should be shared with her Cause. She did not obtain alone. The attribution Process is discussed more fully in Level 7 on the Vertical Axis. But, here, it is important to realize that because the Cause provides guidance and Resources to the MC throughout her journey, the Results are also his Results.

Similarly, if our MC has trusted in her Cause throughout her journey and ends in Failure instead of Success, she can know that these are his Results as well. He shares in the responsibility of working through the Failure with her. And when the Cause is a true heroic Cause, his message to her is: “If it’s not Happily Ever After now in your story, then it’s not the end of your story. We are still somewhere in between Once Upon a Time and Happily Ever After.”

The Cause serves as a guide because they have already obtained Results through their own Desire Obtainment Journey. They have experienced the progression from Point A to Point B, acquiring Resources and knowledge along the way. This enables them to provide assistance and guidance to the MC in her own journey.

When the MC achieves incremental Results as well as the final Results, it is important to recognize the shared credit between the MC and her Cause. The Cause’s guidance and provision of Resources contribute to the MC’s progress and achievements. As such, the Results obtained by the MC are not solely her own but are also attributed to the support and influence of her Cause.

Similarly, if the MC, despite her trust in her Cause, faces failure instead of success, it is essential to acknowledge that the Cause also shares in the responsibility of working through that failure. A true heroic Cause supports the MC through both successes and failures, offering reassurance that a failure does not signify the end of her story. The Cause encourages the MC to view the current state as a point in between “Once Upon a Time” and “Happily Ever After,” signifying that there is still more to be explored and achieved.

By considering the Cause X Result relationship, you emphasize the interconnectedness and shared journey between the MC and her Cause. The Cause’s involvement, guidance, and support shape the Results obtained by the MC and influence the narrative’s trajectory.

As we progress further in your story, we can continue to explore the dynamics and implications of the Cause/Result relationship, highlighting the significance of shared responsibility, mutual growth, and the ongoing journey towards fulfillment.