The Servant Character

The Servant Character is an MC who recognizes that she has a dynamic relationship with her Cause and some of the other characters in the story. She works together with each of these other characters to achieve the story goal.

As the MC in the story, she needs help and guidance to obtain her Desire. In this sense, she is like a Child or an apprentice to her Cause. She must experiment, learn, grow, and develop. She is a Disciple, Beneficiary, Student, and Candidate.

Disciple – a follower, admirer, or student of a model or mentor, teacher, leader, or sage; someone who looks to her chosen Cause as an exemplar; someone who wants to obtain a similar Desire to what this Cause has obtained.

Your MC should have a Cause. There should be one or more characters in the story who have an inherent responsibility to set an example of wisdom and truth, and who also have the desire and inherent responsibility to watch over and take care of your MC. Cause characters are those who have the resources and desire to help, guide, provide, teach, and evaluate your MC. These roles can be played by the same character or by multiple characters. If multiple characters are playing this role and they are in conflict with one another, this can be part of the conflict in your story. The resolution of such a conflict is for your MC to choose Cause characters who are in alignment with her belief system and with one another.

On the other hand, your MC also has abilities and strengths that she has already obtained. She will also gain abilities throughout her journey. This gives her the resources, inherent need, and responsibility to play the Cause role for other characters.

Thus, there are times in your story when your MC is an Exemplar, Povider, Trainer, and Evaluator for others. These other characters have needs and Desires that she is at least partially responsible for helping them obtain.

Because she has already obtained unique strengths and relationships, she senses an inherent mandate to use them to help herself and specific other characters reach their goals. Indeed, that is one of the primary reasons she has the Desire to obtain more resources throughout her story.

A Servant Character learns about these other characters’ needs to the level that she becomes deeply invested. Her empathy for them increases over time. Their Desires become as important to her as her own. These other characters include her family as well as friends in her community. She may even have been born into a leadership role within her community, which creates intrinsic and extrinsic motivation to care for its members.

It is part of her role to recognize the Cause inside the other characters. Each character has unique strengths and knowledge to share as well as the capacity to gain more. Usually within these relationships, your characters will dynamically exchange these roles for one another throughout your story.

A Servant Character is an MC who is seeking to balance her Cause and MC roles. She learns when she needs to receive the guidance and support of her Causes as well as when to give it.

A good story has multiple characters who work together to obtain the story goal. It is more true to life than having an individual MC be the sole hero. If we examine history, we find that while certain individuals do stand out as Causes, they do not achieve successful endings alone.