Definition of Results

After your MC has engaged in the Process that her Cause directs for a sufficient time and experiences what she believes are confirming Effects, does she obtain her Desire? If she does, this defines a successful end to her journey.

If she does not, this defines a failure. But failures aren’t Happily Ever After and your MC’s story is not over until she obtains that. Failures are temporary obstacles that need to be overcome. They are Conflicts that need to be resolved. They provide valuable information. Her Desire, relationship with her Cause, Process may need to be developed, changed, or adjusted. She may need to experience various types of Effects for extended periods of time to be able to decide which she prefers the most.

Whether she obtains her Desire or not is a measurable outcome. The answer is yes or no. It is true or false. In the Servant Story Therapy, we refer to measurable outcomes as Results. Final Results indicate the achievement of your MC’s Happily Ever After or lack thereof.


If your MC has obtained her Desire, her Result is at Point B. If not, she will be at a different point on the diagram. Perhaps she will still be along the pathway between Points A and B. But she could also be at a point to the right or left of her destination.

Thus, we have three measurable outcomes:

  1. The distance between her current position and Point B. This is the Y coordinate on the vertical axis.
  2. The degree to the right or to the left of the pathway that leads to Point B. This is the X coordinate on the horizontal axis.
  3. The amount of time she has been on her journey since the point where she identified her Desire and Cause and began to implement her Cause’s instructions in her Process, and pay attention to her Effects.

Evaluation of Successful Results & Conflict Resolution

Whether your MC has obtained her Desire or not, it is important to evaluate her story – her Desire, Cause, Process, Effects, and Results. If she obtained her Desire, it is important for her to understand why so that when she goes into her next Desire Obtainment Process, she will be able to trust a similar Cause, implement a similar Process, and pay attention to similar Effects. If she has not yet obtained her Desire, it is important for her to understand why so that she can resolve the Conflict.

Let’s look at this from the perspective of resolving her Conflict. Your MC has not obtained her Desire. Which of all the variables need to remain the same and which need to change?

  1. Does she need to choose another Desire? Or does she need to adjust it? Or does she need to remain steadfast to it?
  2. Does she need to choose another Cause? Or does she need to develop a closer relationship with him? Or does she need to remain steadfast in her current relationship with him?
  3. Does she need to change her Process completely? Or does she need to adjust it a little? Or does she need to persevere in the journey for a longer period of time?
  4. Is she listening to the right Cause’s Effects? Or is she experiencing Conflict Effects from Conflicting Causes? Or does she need to remain steadfast to the Effects she is experiencing?
  5. Is she measuring success by the wrong variables? Or does she need to understand that there are side effects or consequences associated with the successful obtainment of her Desire and needs to decide if it was all worth it? Or after obtain her Desire, does she see that this is not the end of her journey and another, more advanced Desire lies ahead?

How your MC’s Story Changes Over Time

  • How do the Effects she experience change over time? Do they increase or decrease in strength over time?
  • How does her Process change? What abilities, strengths, talents, resources, or knowledge does your MC obtain at each step?
  • How does her relationship with her Cause and any character in the story that is connected with her Desire change over time? How does the frequency of interaction change? How does the duration of their interactions change? How does their knowledge of one another change?
  • How does her Desire change over time? Does she continue with it? Or does she determine to change or revise it?

How Her Effects Change

After engaging in her Desire Obtainment Process for a sufficient amount of time, are the Effects your MC experiences satisfying and sustainable? Are they intense enough? Or are they overly intense? If she is not satisfied with them or they are not sustainable, she is obtaining Failure Results. If she is satisfied with them and they are sustainable, she is obtaining Success Results.

Failure Results

Failure Results are not unalterable. They are valuable measurements. They provide more substantial information to help your MC resolve her Conflicts so that she can obtain her Desire.

Upon realizing that her Effects are not satisfying or sustainable, your MC should become aware that something needs to change. She must then determine what that is. Her Process? Her Cause? Or her Desire?

Does her Process return the desired Effects or does she need to tweak it? How does she tweak it and what happens to the Effects she experiences when she does?

Is she listening to multiple Conflicting Causes that are causing her to experience Conflicting Effects?

Or is she listening to Causes that are communicating to her that her Process is off track when it really isn’t?

Does her chosen Cause continue to be a strong and sustainable exemplar throughout the story? Or, when she comes to know him better, does she realize he isn’t what he initially seemed? Or maybe he is changing over time? Or maybe he was intended to be her Cause for a time but now she must move forward to find a higher-level Cause.

Does her chosen Desire create enough motivation to sacrifice as much as it requires to obtain it? Or does she need to adjust it throughout the course of the story? Maybe her Desire must grow over time. Once she has achieved her initial Desire, what does she see that she must do next?

Success Results

Success Results can change if not maintained. Success may come quickly at first, but if it is not sustainable, your MC must work to resolve this Conflict so that she can find a way to retain it.

Upon realizing that her Effects are satisfying and sustainable, your MC should become aware of the things that need to be continued.

What Process is resulting in these satisfying and sustainable Effects? What abilities, talents, and knowledge have been increasing? What daily habits does she need to continue in order to retain these? If she stops doing certain things because it appears that she has already reached her Happily Ever After or that she has achieved a measure of success, what will happen to her Results? What Processes does she need to cleave to in order to retain them?

Or maybe she needs to increase her sacrifice over time. The same level of Process is not enough. She must continuously move forward in her growth Process over time to retain Sustainable Joy. Not all characters need to do this, but some do, especially if it is the Process to obtain their Desire.

Who is also sacrificing so she can have these blessings? Who has she been following and trusting?

How is her motivation continuously sustained to sacrifice in the Inherent Process?

Story Examples

Pride & Prejudice – Elizabeth Bennett