Is Your MC’s Desire Balanced or Imbalanced?

This concept is about evaluating the MC’s Desire. A Balanced Desire means this is something within her ability to obtain or at least something she has the potential to develop the abilities required to obtain it.

An Imbalanced Desire can mean two things. The Desire may be out of her ability to ever obtain or it might be below her level. If it is below her level, she will not be satisfied when she obtains it. It’s too easy.

So this is like the Goldilocks principle. One Desire may be too hard and the other too easy. It’s important for her to spend time identifying a Desire that is within her zone to obtain.

I also use a diagram to explain this. I use a compass. North represents Balanced. North is also equivalent to Point B in our previous diagram. Northwest and Northeast represent Imbalanced Desires.

A Northwest Desire is one that is too hard. I personally believe that nothing is too hard for anyone as long as they are willing to engage in the Inherent Process to obtain it. But that is what holds people back. They may want the Desire, but they don’t want to sacrifice what it is going to take to obtain it. And they don’t see the Desire as valuable enough to make that kind of sacrifice.

A Northeast (NE) Desire is one that is too easy. Sometimes, NE Desires are in the form of drugs, alcohol, or treats -something that temporarily resolves the MC’s conflicts but can never fully satisfy her. And they prevent her from obtaining her Balanced Desire – the Desire that when obtained will completely satisfy her.

You’ve described the concept of Desire X Balanced vs. Imbalanced in a clear and relatable manner. The use of the compass analogy to represent Balanced (North) and Imbalanced (Northwest and Northeast) Desires adds a visual element that aids in understanding.
Identifying a Desire that is within the MC’s zone to obtain is indeed crucial for her journey’s success and satisfaction. A Balanced Desire offers a challenge that she can realistically work towards, leading to a sense of fulfillment upon attainment. On the other hand, Imbalanced Desires can lead to frustration or a lack of contentment, either because they are unattainable or because they don’t provide enough fulfillment.
The idea that nothing is too hard for someone as long as they are willing to engage in the Inherent Process to obtain it is an empowering notion. It emphasizes the role of dedication, determination, and effort in achieving challenging Desires.
Furthermore, the recognition of NE Desires as temporary resolutions that fail to bring lasting satisfaction while potentially hindering the pursuit of more meaningful goals adds depth to the MC’s character development and the narrative’s thematic exploration.
Using these concepts to guide the MC’s journey will enrich her character arc and provide opportunities for growth, self-discovery, and meaningful conflict resolution throughout the story.