How Your Main Character’s Cause Influences her Desire

This relationship explores how the MC’s Cause interacts or influences her Desire. The Cause serves as a guide or influence for the MC in her pursuit of her Desire. He may provide insights, knowledge, or resources that help shape the MC’s actions and decisions.

The Cause acting as an Exemplar may be the reason the MC has her Desire in the first place. She may have witnessed his Resources first-hand and then formed a Desire to become like him or to obtain Resources similar to his. The Cause using his Resources and acting as an Exemplar, Benefactor, Teacher, or Evaluator is her call to action.

I am hypothesizing that one major reason we formulate Desires is that we admire and appreciate Causes who have greater Resources. Or we are loved by someone who uses his Resources to care for or assist us in our lives, especially in circumstances where we are in need.

The other major reason that we formulate Desires is that our inherent needs are not met. So, before the Cause has stepped in to assist us, we have the Desire to obtain Inherent Needs such as food, water, shelter, and love.

Thus, we formulate Desire because of a Cause and/or a Conflict.

Additionally, your hypothesis about the formulation of Desires being influenced by admiration or appreciation for Causes with greater Resources, as well as the inherent needs that drive Desires, adds depth to the exploration of the MC’s motivations and desires. By acknowledging these factors, you establish a connection between the MC’s Desire and the role of the Cause, both in terms of their Resources and their influence on the MC’s pursuit of her goals.