Experimental vs. Sustainable Desires

When we combine the variables of Desires and Results, we are evaluating Desires that have become more sustainable. At the beginning of your story, your MC’s Desire may be a hypothesis or an experiment. Over time and continuous testing and repetition, if the Desire Obtainment Process is accompanied by confirming Effects, the Desire becomes more sustainable.

In the scriptures, this concept is referred to as Alpha and Omega, the Beginning and the End, the First and the Last.

In this concept, we are exploring your MC’s inherent needs or long-term enduring Desires. These Desires don’t come and go like whims or fanciful dreams. They stay inside your MC through the thick and the thin, through rain or shine.

Within your story, your MC will have Sustainable Desires and she will have Experimental Desires that are more fleeting. If they are fleeting, they will eventually be forgotten. You might think that the only Desires that are of any value are Sustainable Desires, but it’s important to recognize the value of Experimental Desires.

Your MC needs time and space to explore her options and test a variety of Desires, Causes, Processes, and their Effects and Results. This testing process gives her the knowledge and experience to identify her Sustainable Desires. This is how she gains wisdom.

There are so many different flavors and spices that she encounters along her journey. In order to identify which flavors and spices she prefers above all the others, she needs to have the chance to experience them on a more temporary basis before making more permanent choices and being subject to them.

Conflicts arise when your MC thinks that she can never obtain her Sustainable Desires and resorts to pursuing one Experimental Desire after another.

They also can arise if your MC thinks she is trapped in relationships and Desire Obtainment Processes that return conflicting Effects. She may not have the ability to accurately read her Effects during the initial stages of her journey. It may take her more time and experimentation to come to her conclusions. But if she doesn’t realize that it’s okay to change her Desire, she may believe that her lot in life is to endure to the end in miserable circumstances that will never result in happily ever after.