Experimental vs. Sustainable Processes

When we combine the variables of Result and Process, we are exploring Processes that are Sustainable vs. Fleeting. Processes that become Sustainable Results are resources, which include knowledge, abilities, talents, skills, relationships, material goods, land, equipment, tools, machines, devices, wealth, experience, wisdom, etc. When desirable Processes become second nature, repeatable, habitual, and sustainable, they hold potential value and energy.

Obtaining resources through your MC’s Desire Obtainment Journey is a crucial part of your story. In our diagram, the MC’s starting position is represented by Point A, and her desired end position is represented by Point B. The Process is the line that connects these two points, composed of various individual points or segments. Within this Process, there are significant Plot Points or turning points that mark significant progress or changes in your MC’s knowledge, abilities, possessions, location, and relationships.

Sustainable Processes are those that can be used or repeated over time without losing value. But keep in mind that there are always maintenance Processes to maintain resources and retain their value.

Fleeting Processes are those that can’t be sustained over time. When attempted, the MC winds up injured in some way, the machine breaks down, or the magic is used up. It is important to have your MC engage in Fleeting Processes so she can gain the wisdom and experience that helps her know the difference between the Processes that are Fleeting and those that are Sustainble. In other words, she needs to enter into relationships that fail. She needs to embark on a journey to resolve a conflict but fails. And then you need to show what she learns from these experiences and how she returns to the drawing board and begins anew with greater wisdom. Ahah moments are the stuff readers live for.

Providing your MC with completely Sustainable Resources is just like having a Sustainable Cause who freely gives your MC too much power and resources. The challenge and adventure of a story is for the MC to solve the mystery of how to find the Sustainable Process. How does she acquire Sustainable Resources? What sacrifices does she need to make to obtain them? If you just give her the Resources, she will never know and feel their true value. And neither will your readers. The growth in her personal value, her self-confidence, and her character depends upon the struggles she goes through to obtain Sustainable Resources.