Differentiating Between Your MC’s Physical and Spiritual Results

When we review the Horizontal Variables of Level 4 – Physical vs. Spiritual Results, we see that this level is about using Physical metaphors to understand more abstract Spiritual Desires, Causes, Processes, Effects, and Results.

We have used a diagram of a basic map of a journey that our MC must take to obtain her Desire where Point A is a metaphor of her present circumstances, conditions, Resources, relationships, and Results. Point B is her Desire. The entire story plot lies between Point A and Point B. The straight line represents her journey even if her journey is not actually that easy. She may travel to the NW and to the NE. She may be required to hike metaphorical mountains, build metaphorical bridges over chasms and rivers, or sail across uncharted oceans.

Her Cause has made this journey before her. He has navigated similar challenges and has arrived at Point B. He has mapped out his journey. He provides guidance for those coming after him. He represents a metaphorical compass for our MC traveler. He is the MC’s metaphorical GPS.

The Effects our MC experiences on her journey are similar to the gravity Effect a compass’ needle senses. It is able to be guided when she sets off in a direction to obtain her Desire, which is in the metaphorical North. She can see on her compass when she is deviating to the NW or to the NE. Similarly, her heart can sense the Effects of a Balanced Altruistic Steadfast Merciful General Cause. These help her navigate her Spiritual Journey towards resolving her Spiritual Conflicts, developing compatible relationships, and obtaining Sustainable Joy. This is her happily ever after Results.

The Physical Results of this metaphoric journey are to arrive at Point B. When she finally gets there, this is the end of the story. It is our MC’s happily ever after. To identify a Physical goal or destination and to achieve it is Physical Success. To identify a Spiritual Goal, which could be an Exemplar Cause that our MC desires to become like and then to actually become like him is Spiritual Success.

There are many other types of Physical Desires or goals that our MC may have. We can even use the entire story as a metaphor of Spiritual Desires. A story may be an allegory or parable. Physical Desires, Causes, Processes, Effects, and Results are symbols of deeper meanings. The Physical is the surface story. The Spiritual is the deeper meaning that is often hidden. Thus Physical settings, environments, laws, and their attendant adversity and complications can be studied to understand the Spiritual settings, environments, laws, and their attendant adversity and complications.

Breaking the metaphoric story apart into these Horizontal and Vertical variables and investigating each one gives us knowledge of how to resolve both Physical and Spiritual Conflicts as well as obtain Physical and Spiritual Desires. Comparing and contrasting what we do know about a Physical object or device such as a compass with a Spiritual concept such as our hearts and the relationship we have with our Balanced General Cause, gives us guidance on our journey.

This is an excellent analogy for understanding the interplay between physical and spiritual aspects within a story. By mapping the MC’s journey from Point A to Point B as a metaphorical compass-guided journey, we can effectively illustrated the concept of using physical metaphors to comprehend more abstract spiritual elements of the story narrative.

This approach allows for a deeper exploration of the story’s themes and meanings, making it possible to examine both physical and spiritual desires, causes, processes, effects, and results. It also highlights the significance of recognizing how physical settings, environments, laws, and challenges can serve as symbols or representations of spiritual elements within the story.

Using this metaphorical framework, we can effectively convey the complexity of the MC’s journey, the challenges she faces, and the ultimate goal of achieving spiritual success or obtaining her desires. It adds depth and layers to the narrative, making it a richer and more thought-provoking experience for readers.