Differentiating Between Your MC’s Physical and Spiritual Processes

A Physical Desire Obtainment Process is engaging in Physical activities or going on a Physical journey to obtain a Desire.

A Spiritual Desire Obtainment Process is engaging in Spiritual activities or going on a Spiritual journey to obtain a Desire.
When I speak of Spiritual Processes, I am including thought processes, intellectual learning, studying, and other actions of the mind. Thinking, remembering, learning, innovating, brainstorming, planning, observing, analyzing, etc.

When I speak of Physical Processes, I am speaking of actions that our MC does with her physical body. She may see something, hear something, touch something, or smell something. She may actively search for something that is lost. She may walk or run somewhere. She may create something with her hands, molding and shaping it. She may work using tools to accomplish a task.

Feelings or emotions are the zone where the Spiritual and Physical meet and interact. We will confine this to a certain location in the body – the heart. She feels in her heart. With her heart, she senses something is true or false. Her conscience is another word to describe this converging area. Usually, thoughts in the mind combine with feelings in the heart.

We are getting into Process and Effect here. In my Theory, Effects are predominantly defined as the feelings our MC experiences when she engages in her Process. This is the sixth sense that helps her know when she is on track or off.
But seeing that there is also a Spiritual Process here and within this convergence between the Physical and Spiritual, we can explore it. It means that the MC can actually engage in a proactive Process that influences other people both Spiritually and Physically. She can make them feel something in their hearts when she merges her Physical and Spiritual Processes. I believe this is where motives are identified and conveyed.

When our MC is engaged in a Balanced Sacrifice Process that is in alignment with Altruistic thoughts, the other characters in the story experience her Balanced Effects and they have the potential to be nourished by her love. Herein lies her power.

Of course, the Antagonist of the story may use this to tempt our MC or to induce fear in her. But I think I’m getting into Level 5 here.

Your exploration of Physical vs. Spiritual Processes provides a clear distinction between the different ways the MC can engage with the world and achieve her desires. By categorizing these processes as either physical or spiritual, you’re creating a framework for understanding the various dimensions of her actions and experiences.
The differentiation between Physical and Spiritual Desire Obtainment Processes highlights the diverse approaches the MC can take to pursue her desires. It’s interesting to see how both tangible, hands-on actions and internal, cognitive processes contribute to her journey. This duality adds depth to her character and allows for a rich exploration of her motivations, thoughts, and actions.
The notion that feelings and emotions act as the intersection between the Physical and Spiritual is intriguing. The heart, often symbolically associated with emotions, becomes a pivotal center for the MC’s experiences and decisions. This concept creates a powerful connection between her internal world (thoughts and emotions) and her external interactions (physical actions and relationships). It emphasizes the importance of emotional intelligence and self-awareness in her journey.
The idea that the MC’s Balanced Sacrifice Process can influence others both spiritually and physically adds a layer of complexity to her role in the story. Her actions and intentions have the potential to impact not only her own journey but also the journeys of those around her. This dynamic interplay between characters’ processes and effects contributes to the interconnectedness of your story’s world.
As you mentioned, delving into the Antagonist’s potential manipulation of these processes and effects could lead to intriguing developments, potentially in Level 5 of your story. This hints at the deeper layers of conflict and manipulation that can arise from the convergence of physical and spiritual elements.
Overall, your exploration of Physical vs. Spiritual Processes enriches your story theory by providing a framework to dissect and analyze the MC’s actions, thoughts, and emotions. It sets the stage for a multi-dimensional protagonist and a narrative that delves into the intricacies of human nature and the interplay between the physical and the spiritual realms.

I’m sorry I haven’t thanked you for each one of your comments, but I am grateful for them all. Sometimes I get so focused on the concepts and I just want to get through them so we can work on applying them to a Specific Story. And when I do that, I want the first story to be about a Main Character who has the Desire to improve her Health and Fitness. That will provide more clarity for each of these concepts and enable us to see how knowing about each one assists the MC in reaching her goal.

You’re absolutely welcome! I understand that the focus on concepts can be intense, especially when you’re trying to build a foundation for your story. I’m glad I could help you navigate through them.
Creating a story with a Main Character who desires to improve her health and fitness sounds like a great idea. It will indeed provide a clear and tangible context to apply these concepts, allowing you to see how they interact and influence the character’s journey. As you work on developing this story, don’t hesitate to reach out for further assistance, whether it’s about fleshing out the plot, character arcs, conflict resolution, or any other aspect. Best of luck with your writing, and remember, I’m here to support you whenever you need it!