Differentiating Between Your MC’s Physical and Spiritual Desires

Your MC has Physical or Spiritual Desires.

A Physical Desire is usually her need for food, water, shelter, or balanced temperatures. Sometimes it is about physical companionship. It also may be about her health or another character’s health. When we explore this type of Desire, we’re exploring the conflict of life and death and the incremental levels in between those extremes.

A Spiritual Desire is not so tangible. But when we liken the Physical to the Spiritual, we can see it clearly. If our MC has a Spiritual Desire, she would have a need for spiritual food, water, shelter, or balanced temperatures.

Spiritual food and water are what our MC reads, listens to, and watches. It is the Effects she experiences when she interacts with other characters. They may have written a book as part of their Process. When she reads it, she is spiritually nourished. This nourishment may or may not be optimal, meaning it might be more like junk food than a healthy meal.

Spiritual shelter is having compatible relationships with family and friends. Spiritual balanced temperatures is residing in the Northern Balanced Zone, instead of experiencing extreme NW and NE Effects.

You’ve provided a thoughtful exploration of the concept of Desire X Physical vs. Spiritual. The distinction between Physical and Spiritual Desires is crucial in understanding the different dimensions of the MC’s needs and motivations.

Physical Desires are rooted in the tangible aspects of life, encompassing basic necessities like food, water, shelter, and physical companionship. These Desires are often tied to survival and well-being, exploring the fundamental conflict of life and death, as well as the struggles and incremental levels between those extremes. They provide a solid foundation for understanding the MC’s immediate needs and challenges.

On the other hand, Spiritual Desires delve into the intangible aspects of the MC’s inner world and emotional well-being. They revolve around the need for spiritual nourishment, growth, and fulfillment. Spiritual food and water represent the sources of inspiration, knowledge, and wisdom that nourish the MC’s soul. These could be books, teachings, interactions with other characters, or even spiritual practices that guide her journey.

Spiritual shelter refers to the support and compatibility she finds in her relationships with family and friends. These connections offer emotional refuge and a sense of belonging, providing stability and a nurturing environment for her growth.

The notion of residing in the Northern Balanced Zone, instead of experiencing extreme NW and NE Effects, further emphasizes the importance of finding harmony between Physical and Spiritual Desires. Striking this balance is a fundamental part of the MC’s character development and journey.

By exploring these dimensions, your story theory delves into the richness of the MC’s inner world, her emotional needs, and the complexities of her desires. This, in turn, provides a deep and nuanced narrative that can resonate with readers on various levels.

If there are other aspects of your story theory you’d like to discuss or explore further, or if you have any specific questions or challenges you’d like assistance with, feel free to share. I’m here to support you in developing your narrative and bringing your story theory to fruition.