Are Your MC’s Results Balanced or Imbalanced?

In evaluating this concept, just like the other Result Concepts, I will review the Horizontal Variables for Balanced vs. Imbalanced Desires, Causes, Processes, and Effects.

Balanced Desire is when our MC can maintain Hope for what it is she wants. Her desire is within the Northern Zone. It is not too difficult to obtain, nor is it too easy. She is able to maintain her voluntary will in the Inherent Process to obtain it. That means she is operating in Balanced Love.

Choosing a Balanced Cause is important so that she has the appropriate amount of support and training. She has a Northern role model to look to for guidance. A major part of her journey is to encounter Extreme Northwest Abusive Causes and Extreme Northeast Negligent Causes. Resolving the conflicts that arise from bondage to such Causes is a major story theme. Learning how to discern the Balance of Causes and how much she can trust them is an ability our MC needs to learn in order to achieve happily ever after.

Our MC must identify the Inherent Process to obtain her Desire and then strive to align her own Process to it. Throughout the learning Process she will Process in Imbalance, but over time this Imbalance should gradually become increasingly Balanced.

A Balanced Process is Balancing her Faith in her Cause and his care with her own Sacrifice Process. Her Sacrifice Process is intentional with the purpose of taking care of her inherent needs as well as those of her Children’s (Reminder, Children = the other characters in the story for whom she is responsible).

The Effects of relying on a Balanced Cause are Peace. The Effects of Sacrificing for her Children are Energy or Empathy. To give up her Peace for her Children is difficult, but since her Cause is doing the same thing for her, and the hope is that her Children will continue doing this as well, the overall Effect is Sustainable Joy.

Engaging in Imbalanced Processes will end in Conflicting Results. Processing in the Extreme Northwest for too long ends in Painful injuries and scattered Effect Sensors. Our MC may Process in NW abuse of herself or others. This may be a learning Process she needs to go through in order to identify undesirable Results. Her journey then turns to healing, learning a new way of doing things, apologizing, and becoming someone different from what she has been in the past.

Processing in the Extreme Northeast for too long ends in numbness or Numbed Effect Sensors. Our MC may Process in NE neglect of herself or others. Again, this may be a learning Process. Characters in stories such as Richie Rich or the Prince and the Pauper explore this theme well.

It is interesting to note that if our MC is Processing in the Extreme NW for an extended period of time, she also must be Processing in the Extreme NE in other areas of her life in order to compensate. The opposite is also true. She can’t continuously Process in Imbalance to just one side. Thus NW Processes feed NE Processes and entrap our MC into bad habits and undesirable Conflicting Results..This is Failure. It is the inability to obtain what she wants. It also has the potential to change her Desire so that she actually doesn’t sense what she did in the beginning of her story. She has lost sight of it.

Balanced Results are desired Successful Results. Process become abilities. Relationships become closer, compatible, and sustainable. Qualities in Character increase the Effects others experience when they are interacting with our MC. She becomes a Balanced Cause, able to be a Resource for others.

In assessing the concept of Balanced vs. Imbalanced Results, it’s crucial to examine the horizontal variables associated with Balanced vs. Imbalanced Desires, Causes, Processes, and Effects. This comprehensive evaluation further enriches the understanding of the narrative dynamics at play.
A Balanced Desire denotes a state where our MC sustains Hope for her aspiration. The desire exists within the Northern Zone – a range that is challenging but not overwhelming. She retains the voluntary will to engage in the inherent Process required to attain it, embodying Balanced Love.
Choosing a Balanced Cause aligns with this principle, as it provides the necessary support and guidance. An exemplary figure within her reach serves as a role model, aiding her in navigating the journey. Overcoming challenges arising from Extreme Northwest Abusive Causes and Extreme Northeast Negligent Causes underscores the theme of conflicts resolution. Learning the art of discerning Balanced Causes and establishing trust is pivotal for her ultimate pursuit of happiness.
The identified Inherent Process shapes her journey. Striving to align her Process with this template is her overarching aim. While temporary Imbalance is inevitable, its gradual transition towards equilibrium characterizes her progression.
Within a Balanced Process, her Faith in her Cause harmonizes with her Sacrifice Process, which is deliberate in catering to her inherent and her Children’s needs. The Effects include the tranquility of Peace and the vivacity of Energy or Empathy – elements vital for the sustenance of Sustainable Joy.
Engaging in Imbalanced Processes culminates in Conflicting Results. Prolonged processing in the Extreme Northwest yields Painful injuries and scattered Effect Sensors. This might lead her to subject herself or others to NW abuse, propelling her into a cycle of learning, healing, and transformation.
Extended processing in the Extreme Northeast leads to the numbness of Numbed Effect Sensors. In the context of NW neglect, she might inadvertently tread the path of Extreme NE, mirroring themes depicted in narratives like Richie Rich or the Prince and the Pauper.
It’s noteworthy that prolonged processing in the Extreme NW necessitates concurrent processing in the Extreme NE to compensate. This symbiotic relationship between NW and NE Processes can trap her in unconstructive habits, yielding unfavorable and Conflicting Results. This equates to Failure – an inability to achieve her objectives. It may even reshape her Desire, obscuring its original essence.
Balanced Results encapsulate the desired Success, where Processes evolve into competencies, relationships mature into sustainable compatibility, and Character qualities amplify the effects of her interactions. As a Balanced Cause, she becomes a Resource for others, realizing the potential for positive impact on the narrative’s progression.

Before leaving Balanced vs. Imbalanced Results, I want to note that while there are NW Imbalanced Effects of anxiety and fear that warn our MC that she is getting off track in her Desire Obtainment Process, NW Imbalanced Results are chronic anxiety. This is a condition or state and she can’t easily overcome it. This is not to say that the Result is always caused by her own choices. Our MC might be in bondage to NW Causes who are continuously abusing her. Or our MC might be facing the circumstances of war and be required to fight for her and her community’s lives.

Additionally, while there are NE Imbalanced Effects of boredom and feeling down that warn our MC that she is getting off track, NE Imbalanced Results are chronic depression. Again, this is not easily overcome. And again, this may be caused by chronic Imbalanced Causes and conditions that the MC has been subject to.

And as stated before, to get to these Chronic Results, NW Processes and Effects are sustained by NE Processes and Effects. For example, while our MC may be abused by her Cause at times, she finds relief in his neglect. She finds relief when he is gone and not paying any attention to her. She does not know the value of establishing a compatible relationship with a Balanced Cause, so even when she escapes from this abusive relationship, she still finds herself wanting to escape from relationships when the going gets tough.