A Servant Character’s Desire

A Servant Character views her Desire as something that will be accomplished as a result of a team effort.  She evaluates what is within her power to contribute as well as what she needs to rely on other characters to contribute.

She wants to obtain a Desire that will be sustained over time. She doesn’t want to just have it temporarily. She wants it forever. She also doesn’t want to view it as a wish or fantasy. She knows it is real and can be obtained. She is willing to do whatever it takes to obtain it.

Here are those examples of Desires that we started with:

  • Feel valued
  • Get fit or obtain master-level skills
  • Marry the prince
  • Save a loved one
  • Save the world

A Servant Character has these Desires but describes them in more realistic terms so that she can see that they are indeed obtainable:

  • Develop a closer relationship with God or a wise compassionate mentor-like character who guides her to her destination as well as accurately evaluates her progress
  • Obtain a fit, strong, and healthy body so that she actually enjoys being active in serving (and being served by) her family and community
  • Build a compatible marriage with sustainable friendship and attraction
  • Acquire the resources, strengths, abilities, and compassion to take care of her own basic needs as well as those of other characters in the story who are not yet able to do that for themselves
  • Develop and gather resources to build a successful organization that contributes to her community and resolves a major community conflict