Your MC’s Past Results

The very last concept we will evaluate is Past vs. Present Results. After writing a summary of this concept, I could start multiplying the Concepts by each other. For example, I could multiply Balanced vs. Imbalanced Desires X Altruistic vs. Ascetic/Hedonistic Desires. I’ve already done this to some extent as I have explained each concept, […]

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What are your MC’s Results?

This is where you look at the before and after story. Describe the Results that your MC has at the beginning of your story by bringing together all of your answers to the previous questions. Describe how they change over the timeline of your story. Desire What is your MC’s Desire? Describe it at the […]

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The Result Concept

Synonyms Resource Product Fruit Ability Talent Skill Expertise Knowledge Characteristic Traits Quality Attribute Strength Short Definitions One’s personal attributes and capabilities regarded as able to help or sustain oneself and others in adverse circumstances The ability to find quick and clever ways to overcome difficulties A stock or supply of money, materials, staff, and other […]

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