Your MC’s Past Effects

The next concept we will evaluate is Past vs. Present Effects. The MC in our story has experienced Effects in her backstory. In other words, she has experience with Causes and this experience gives her wisdom. It gives her the ability to navigate the Effects she experiences in her Present Desire Obtainment Process. Comparing and […]

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Conflicting Effects

One source of Conflict is between experimental and sustainable Effects. Experimental Effects are more immediate and often fleeting. Sustainable Effects are consistent and can be measured over time. Fear may be an Effect your MC experiences in the moment. She may need to overcome it because it is only a fleeting Effect. On the other […]

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Definition of Effects The next concept in the Servant Story Therapy is called Effects. Effects are clues, indicators, or signals that highlight or confirm the inherent Desire Obtainment Process. When your MC sees her Cause engaging in this Process, she will experience Confirming Effects such as admiration, attraction, gratitude, peace, or energy. Evaluating her Cause […]

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