A Servant Character’s Desire

A Servant Character views her Desire as something that will be accomplished as a result of a team effort.  She evaluates what is within her power to contribute as well as what she needs to rely on other characters to contribute. She wants to obtain a Desire that will be sustained over time. She doesn’t […]

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A Desire is something essential for which your MC has an intense need to obtain. It creates a sense of resolve deep inside her to sacrifice less important things in exchange for something much better. When your MC has a Desire that is powerful enough to motivate her to embark on a difficult and often […]

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The Desire Question

  What is your Desire? a. I have identified my Desire and have written a description of it in my notebook. This is the goal of this concept. If you choose this answer, move on to the next concept. b. I have two or more Conflicting Desires and have written a description of each in […]

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