Fleeting vs. Sustainable Causes

When we combine the variables of Results and Cause, we are exploring Causes that are Sustainable vs. Fleeting. It’s important to define a Cause by first understanding that a character in your story who has obtained Results is a potential Cause for your MC. Likewise, your MC becomes a Cause when she acquires Results along […]

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The Cause Question

Who is your Cause? I have identified my Cause and have written a detailed description of him in my notebook. This is the goal of this concept. If you choose this answer, move on to the next one. I have two or more Conflicting Causes and have written a detailed description of each and the […]

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The Cause Concept

SynonymsEvaluator, JudgeExemplar, Role ModelCounselor, Advisor, Guide, Trainer, TeacherProvider, Source Short DefinitionA person who decides or gives an opinion on something or someoneA person who estimates the quality or worth of someone or somethingA person or thing serving as a typical example or an excellent model of a specified qualityA person trained to give guidance on […]

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