Who is your MC’s Cause?

Take some time now to write a description of your MC’s Exemplar Cause or a hypothesis of the person behind her strong motivation to obtain her Desire.

The Value of Identifying Your Exemplar Cause

One of the main reasons we have Desires is that there are people around us who exemplify the characteristics and abilities that we personally value. Understanding this about ourselves helps us realize who we are. Who and what we admire defines who we are. Thus, both our Desires and our chosen Exemplar Causes describe our own character. It’s important to pay attention to who we admire so we can understand why we have the Desires that we do.

When you have finished describing your MC’s Exemplar Cause, think about your own Cause. Who is your Exemplar Cause? How is your MC’s Exemplar Cause or her lack of awareness of him similar to your own?

After answering these questions, move on to the next concept.