What is your MC’s Desire?

After reading about the concept of Desire, describe your MC’s Desire in your notebook.

For your notebook, you can use a paper notebook or whichever text editor you desire, such as Microsoft Word or Google Docs.

The Value of Identifying Your Desire

Now think about your own life. How is your MC’s Desire similar to your own? Do you have a Desire that is powerful enough to motivate you to endure the burdens you are required to carry? Is it strong enough to prevent you from losing it when the going gets tough in your relationships with others?

Identifying your Desire is crucial to being intentional and proactive. It is a God-given responsibility to choose what you want. When you identify your Desire you use your agency to intentionally choose your direction instead of being unintentionally sucked into the conflicting currents of what everyone else wants you to desire.

You create a purpose for yourself and for your life when you identify what it is that you want more than anything else. It is not selfishness to spend time identifying your Desire. It is understanding who you are and connecting with what God expects of you and what he has in store for you.

After you have written your answer in your notebook, move on to the Cause concept.