What are your MC’s Results?

This is where you look at the before and after story. Describe the Results that your MC has at the beginning of your story by bringing together all of your answers to the previous questions. Describe how they change over the timeline of your story.


What is your MC’s Desire? Describe it at the beginning of your story and then describe how it changes over time. Does it grow stronger or does it change to a new Desire throughout your story?

For example: Your MC has the Desire to journey from Point A to Point B at the beginning of your story. However, there may be other characters who influence her as well as the inherent benefits of other choices that change her mind over the course of the story.

She has the option to stay at Point A or journey to other Points, such as Point C or D. She may choose (and indeed be required) to explore each of these options before fully committing to her journey to Point B. As she experiments with each Desire Obtainment Process, does her original Desire grow stronger or does it change to a new Desire?

It also may be the case that your story begins with your MC having a Desire but it doesn’t motivate her into action until the story Conflict reaches a certain threshold of intensity – an unbearable point that pushes her over the edge and usually into a more difficult situation for a time. How does that Conflict increase and then maintain itself so that her motivation to act remains strong throughout your story?


Who is your MC’s Cause at the beginning of your story? Describe this relationship at the start and then describe how it changes over time. Does it grow closer and stronger or does it grow more distant and then change to another Cause throughout your story?

Do the interactions your MC has with her Cause increase in frequency? Do they increase in duration? Do your MC and her Cause come to know each other at an increasingly depth and intimate level?

For example: In order to obtain greater knowledge about the journey and sacrifices she must make at each step of the way to get to Point B, how often does your MC seek out her Cause for guidance? Or does she go to other characters and sources for help? Or does she simply try to solve it herself without seeking help?

How much time does she regularly devote to understanding him and his prescribed Desire Obtainment Process? Does she try to fit him in around her busy schedule? Does she multitask while attempting to communicate with him? Or does she reserve sufficient time first thing each morning to focus on communicating with him? Does she take weekly sabbaticals to have more time to commune with him and shut out the cares of the world?

At each new revelation of who he is, what he has done, and what is required of her, how willing is she to give up personal traits and choices that are in conflict? How willing is she to sacrifice what she was at Point A (or what she could be at Points C and D) for what she desires to become at Point B?


What is your MC’s day-to-day Desire Obtainment Process at the beginning of your story? How has she been trying to obtain the story goal? This includes a discussion of her current abilities, talents, level of knowledge, and strengths that she must have in order to obtain her Desire. It also includes her weaknesses and lack of knowledge concerning her Desire. How do these abilities, resources, and knowledge increase or decrease over time?

For example: If your MC needs to journey from Point A to Point B, how prepared is she at the beginning of the story? Does she have the proper resources: shoes, clothing, food, shelter, etc.? Does she need to train her body to be in better shape to incrementally prepare herself for the intense nature of the journey before she leaves? Does she need to know how to hunt for food and build shelters along the way? Or does she need the financial means to obtain these things from other sources? If she is going to travel by car, does she have her license or a driver? Does she have a map and compass or a GPS and does she know how to use them? Is she aware of the pitfalls, dangers, or distractions along the journey ahead and what to do if she encounters them? If she is weak in any of these areas, does she have other characters who will go with her and have certain abilities that support her?

Is she able to get along with the other characters or are her relationship skills one of her primary weaknesses? Does she know how to deal with the different ideas and choices that other people have especially when they conflict with hers? What does she do when the going gets tough? Does she cheat, throw tantrums, or give up? Does she hurt or neglect other people when things don’t go her way? Or does she learn integrity and endurance? Is she trained to hold her tongue and persevere? Does she increase her ability to resist getting back at people? Does she learn how to stop holding grudges against them? Is she trained over time to forgive, care for, and love trusting that her Cause has her back even if other characters don’t?

As she prepares, trains, and journeys, describe how these abilities change over time. Describe how difficult they are when she starts and then how they become easier as her abilities and strengths increase.


What are the Effects she experiences on a daily basis as she strives to obtain her Desire at the beginning of your story?

For example, is she living happily ever after in the beginning with a strong sense of peace that she is on the right pathway until a Conflict arises that separates her from it all (think Cinderella)?

Or is she experiencing a high level of Conflict, adversity, and undesirable Effects indicating that she must make a change (embark on a journey) or cause a change in her environment in order to obtain her Desire? Describe how her Effects change over the course of your story.

She also may be experiencing boredom, apathy, numbness, or lack of motivation at the beginning regarding your story’s Desire that she later develops a greater motivation to obtain. How does this change over time? What causes it to change?

For example:


As your MC’s Desire changes, how does this affect her progression on her journey to obtain it? When does her progression increase to the level of her satisfaction? When does it decrease to the point where she feels stagnant like she will never obtain it?

Story Conclusion: Does your MC really know what will bring her sustainable joy at the beginning of your story? Or does she end up adjusting her Desire as she gains more wisdom and experience?

As your MC’s relationship with her Cause changes, how does this affect her progression on her journey? When her relationship with him is closer, does this increase her progression to the level of her satisfaction or decrease it? When her relationship with him becomes more distant, does this decrease her progression to the level of feeling stagnant in her journey or does it increase it?

Story Conclusion: Does your MC need to deepen her relationship with her chosen Cause throughout your story in order to obtain her Desires? Or does she need to find a more trustworthy Cause?

As your MC’s abilities and talents increase, how does this affect her progression towards her Desire? Does she begin to use them to obtain other Desires and please other Causes, which then ends up slowing her progression? Does she lose her way for a time? Or does she remain steadfast to her purpose so that her progression increases to the level of her satisfaction?

Or do her weaknesses increase for a time as she strives to build new muscles and acquire new understandings – breaking down the old first to make room for the new? While it may appear like she is not progressing at first, does she still have a sense that things are moving in the right direction?

Conclusion: Is your MC using her abilities and talents towards the actual Process to obtain her Desire or is she spending them on other random Desire Obtainment Processes?

It is important for your MC to become more aware of the level of her satisfaction with her Results. She is the only one who knows when her progression is


This will evidently be a work in progress, but when you have finished this description, you will have the foundation of a complete story.

If you would like to explore your story in greater depth and add more complexity to it, move on to the next lesson. But don’t rush through this. Give yourself plenty of time to ponder on each of these concepts.