Definition of a Desire Obtainment Process

The next variable in the Servant Story Therapy is Process or Desire Obtainment Process. A Desire Obtainment Process is a step-by-step journey that your MC undertakes to achieve her Desire.

An MC can begin to learn more about the journey she needs to take by studying and researching what her Cause did to obtain his Desire. In this way, she follows in her Cause’s footsteps.


The line connecting points A and B in our diagram represents your MC’s journey. A line is a sequence of points joined together representing a repeated daily process over time.

Story Examples

Pride & Prejudice – Elizabeth Bennett

What does Elizabeth do to obtain her Desire? What did she see her Cause doing?

She does not overreact to undesirable conditions such as Mr. Darcy not dancing with her and describing her as “tolerable”. She bears them with patience and chooses not to mind it if others do not share her opinions about herself or any other subject. She stands steadfast in her mindset regardless of other contrasting views.

Eventually, she learns that some of her ideas or prejudgments are not correct. She comes to understand that sometimes we may not recognize the people with whom we are most compatible upon first acquaintance. And she realizes that people can learn, grow, and change because of the examples of others and their own experiences.

To summarize, Lizzy’s Desire Obtainment Process is about learning which of her preconceived ideas she must hold steadfast and which she must change.

How was this like her Cause’s Process?

My Story

What did I do to obtain my Desire to develop a closer relationship with Jesus Christ?

The first thing I needed was to identify another Desire – something I wanted to achieve. My desire or motivation to achieve this, learn how to do something, or learn to develop certain characteristics had to be intense enough that I would have the power to leave behind certain behaviors and crutches.

I tried many different ways and relied on many different Causes to obtain that Desire without success. Yet, giving up on it felt like something inside me was dying. So I persevered. After trying all I knew how to do (everything he had already taught me through multiple sources), I finally confessed to him that I didn’t know what else I could do. I needed him to help me obtain it – teach me, train me.

After giving everything I had to obtain my Desire, going to all my available resources, and then coming to him in prayer to learn directly from him, I started listening for his guidance. I paid close attention to the ideas that came into my mind that weren’t there before. And they came.

I wrote down my prayers and his answers (our discussions) so I could make the conversation more tangible. I asked him questions when I got stuck. I listened and wrote down the answers I received.

I made and kept commitments to him. This was basically about implementing the answers he was giving me.

To summarize, my Desire Obtainment Process was to learn how to communicate with him about what I needed to do to obtain my Desires and resolve my Conflicts and then actually do what he showed me to do. And then report back.

Jesus’ Story

What did Jesus do to obtain his Desire to free us from bondage?

First, he used the strengths and resources that he had to heal people who had faith in him. He caused the blind to see, the deaf to hear, and the lame to walk. He calmed the storms and provided food for the hungry. He served them and blessed their lives using the means and gifts he had been given.

Then he taught them about how they should resolve their Conflicts and obtain their Desires. He knew that if they wanted their healing to be sustainable, they needed to continuously engage in an Inherent Process. If they went back to their previous behaviors instead of changing, they would wind up back in the same place they started – Point A.

This was not to say that we cause all of our undesirable results. Sometimes we do, sometimes we don’t. It was to help us understand what is within our control and what our responsibility is when we have been given strengths, resources, and gifts. We shouldn’t use them to engage in processes that end us up back in bondage.

Your Favorite Stories

Before writing about your Main Character’s Desire Obtainment Process, think about your favorite stories. What is the MC’s Process to obtain his/her Desire?

In the next concept, you will be asked to identify your MC’s Desire Obtainment Process.