The next variable in the Servant Story Therapy is Process. A Desire Obtainment Process is a step-by-step journey that your MC undertakes to achieve her Desire.

It encompasses the series of actions that she engages in throughout the narrative to get from Point A to Point B.

In between Point A and B is a line that connects them. This is your MC’s journey, filled with individual points of progression.

While the Journey includes your MC navigating obstacles, overcoming hurdles, and working toward the resolution of her conflicts over time, this question asks for the simple, straightforward steps she needs to take to obtain her Desire.

By mapping out the Journey, you create a narrative structure that provides a sense of direction and progression for your story. It serves as a roadmap for your MC’s development and allows you to compare and contrast your own journey with it to evaluate it more effectively.

We know a Story Journey is never simple. Conflicts, weaknesses, temptations, distractions, antagonistic characters, loved ones with special needs, and unforeseen problems arise, resulting in a more difficult journey than anticipated.

Story Conflicts create real-life experiences you resonate with because your own journey is also far from simplistic. However, in answering this question, we need to start with a simple description of how our MC gets from Point A to Point B.

For example, in the Lord of the Rings by JR Tolkien, Frodo’s journey was to bring the ring from the Shire to Mordor. The author could have started with mapping out the roads and trails he needed to take, the turns, and the camping spots. He could have then described how he would obtain food, water, and shelter along the way. Simple enough, right?

Let’s mix two metaphors to help us identify the journey our MC needs to take to obtain her Desire:

  • Our journey metaphor that we have been using
  • Learning how to follow a recipe to make cookies

When making cookies, there are ingredients and steps that you need to learn and follow to achieve the desired results.

Breaking down your storyline into short recipe-like processes will make answering this question more manageable.

What ingredients does your MC need?

  • A Desire
  • A trustworthy Cause
  • Other Characters with a Purpose
  • Resources – abilities, strength, knowledge, talents, food, water, material assets, etc.

How does she gather these ingredients?

What is the process your MC goes through to determine what her Desire is?

What is the process your MC goes through to choose her Cause and develop a relationship with him?

What is the process your MC engages in to obtain the necessities of life, such as food, water, and shelter?

Can her journey between Points A and B be broken down into steps or stages, just like learning to make cookies can be broken down into steps or stages?

Which ingredients need to be prepared – separated, combined, chopped, and baked?

Does your MC need to be separated from another character or group?

Does she need to combine with another character or group?

Does she need to break a bad habit and develop a good habit?

Which of these processes should be done first? Which should be done second and third? For example, the baking must happen after all the ingredients have been properly mixed. If it happens first, the results will not be desirable. Which processes can be done randomly because it’s a matter of preference whether they are done first or second? The salt could be added before the baking soda without any dire results. And how long should each of these processes take an MC? How long should the butter and sugar be mixed for before adding the other ingredients? Or how long should the cookies be baked so they are not over or undercooked?

What are the metaphoric mixing, chopping, and baking processes in your story that your MC must engage in? Which relationships does her chosen Cause guide her to develop? Which relationships does he guide her to separate from?

What does she need to do in each stage of her journey? What needs to change? What needs to be strengthened?

What relationships or abilities does she need to develop at each stage? What resources does she need to gather?

How does she develop and obtain these relationships, abilities, and resources? What do her training montages look like? For example, how long does it take her to find the eggs? Are they scarce? Does she have to discover a secret resource to find them? And then, how long does she practice cracking them before she has mastered this skill?

What skill assessments are like portals she must pass through before moving to the next stage?

Let’s move on to the Journey question now.