The next variable is called Effects. Your MC experiences Effects or feedback from her Cause as well as from other characters in your story when she engages in her Desire Obtainment Process.

These Effects can serve as indicators or signals that confirm whether she is on the right pathway toward obtaining her Desire. However, they can also warn her if she deviates from it.

Thus the Effects that your MC experiences can be both confirming and warning in nature. Confirming Effects provide validation, peace, and confidence, indicating that she is making progress and moving in the right direction. These Effects nourish her and reinforce her commitment to her chosen path.

The Effects of her chosen Cause serve as a guiding light that helps her navigate through differing perspectives and make informed decisions.

Effects can be experienced in the form of actual words – something your MC’s Cause tells her. They can also be experienced in the form of actions – something your MC’s Cause does in response to her own choices and actions.

Conflict arises when other characters in the story seek to influence her in a way that contradicts with her chosen Cause. Their words or actions may convey a different message to her regarding her Process. They may warn her that she is off track when her Cause is confirming that she is on track. Or the reverse may be true: they may confirm that she is on track when her Cause warns her that she is off.

Because of the variety of Effects and influences of various characters and Causes, your story will have layers of complexity and decision-making for your MC. She must choose a trustworthy Cause and remain allegiant to him. The choice of a Cause deepens the narrative and creates opportunities for your MC to establish boundaries against antagonistic characters as well as develop sustainable relationships with others.