Your Journey to Healing and Understanding

Story Therapy isn’t just about analyzing the structure and theory of story. It’s about using storytelling as a tool for healing and growth. You will learn how to apply these principles to your own life, gaining insights into your desires, motivations, and the narratives that shape your experiences. Moreover, you’ll develop the skills to empathetically analyze yourself and others, empowering you to navigate the complexities of your relationships with greater love.

Along this journey, you will experience peace as you learn to stop blaming yourself for everything and stop taking on too much responsibility.

You will experience increased excitement and motivation as you learn what you can accomplish and how much you are valued and needed.

You will experience sorrow as you recognize past mistakes, wrong turns, and broken promises that you and other important characters in your story have made, resulting in suffering and pain.

But then you will experience hope when you understand there is time and space to correct those mistakes, turn around, and start again.

By the end of this course, you’ll have the tools to navigate your life’s story with greater clarity and purpose, understand the characters within it, and foster healthier relationships. You’ll discover the healing potential of evaluating your life as if it were a story you were writing and you were the Main Character. You will find that this process can be a source of resilience, self-discovery, personal transformation, and improved relationships.

You will experience joy when you consistently balance trusting the right people and sacrificing for the right things.

Along this journey, you will find answers to many of your personal questions.

Lifelong knots that have bound your soul will be released.

You will gain control of the way you feel.

Your capacity to be loved and to love will grow stronger.

You will be freed from your addictions and prisons.

You will develop closer and more compatible relationships with those you love.