Course Structure

Our exploration of Story Therapy will follow a structured path, beginning with an understanding of the fundamental components of storytelling.

You will be asked to answer five questions as the protagonist of your story.

  1. What is your Desire?
  2. Who is your Cause?
  3. What is the Process to obtain your Desire?
  4. What Effects do you experience when engaging in this Process?
  5. What are your Results?

You will learn about the concepts and meaning behind these questions and how they interact. Tension increases in your story when your MC has conflicting Desires, Causes, Processes, Effects, and Results. However, there is not enough tension for your MC’s progression when she hasn’t chosen or doesn’t yet know her Desires, Causes, Processes, Effects, and Results.

The Servant Story Therapy Course was designed to help you resolve these conflicts and identify your pathways to obtaining your desires.


We’ll explore the reason it is essential for your Main Character (MC) to identify her desire and maintain her focus on it throughout her journey.


Our story characters do not exist in isolation. They are influenced by their relationships with their Causes (exemplars, providers, teachers, and evaluators). We’ll examine the importance of your MC choosing her mentors and guiding forces instead of allowing multiple conflicting characters to direct her.

A protagonist’s life should be filled with relationships. We will explore how these specific connections and the dynamics of relationships impact her along her journey.


Your Main Character’s life is a journey, and the path to realizing her desires is rarely straightforward. We’ll dissect the journey she is required to take including the decisions and obstacles she faces.


Whichever pathway your Main Character chooses, she will experiences effects, which serve as clues about whether she is on the right track to obtaining her desire. We’ll explore physical and spiritual, balanced and imbalanced effects and the reasons your MC experiences them.


Every pathway leads to results, whether positive or negative. We’ll consider the incremental outcomes of your MC’s journey, evaluating her initial results with how things are changing throughout the story.

In this course, you will find straight-forward questions. When you answer these questions as truthfully as possible, you will deepen your understanding of your own Desires, Causes, Processes, Effects and Results, which will help you resolve your conflicts and obtain your desires in a way that will bring you and those you love joy.