The next variable in the Servant Story Therapy is the Journey. A Journey is a step-by-step plan or process that your MC undertakes to resolve her conflicts and ultimately achieve her Desire.

It encompasses the series of thought processes, commitments, and actions that she engages in throughout the narrative. The Journey includes a descriptive account of how your MC navigates through obstacles, overcomes hurdles, and works toward the resolution of her conflicts over time.

We can visualize the Journey variable by referring to our diagram again. The current thought processes, commitments, and actions your MC engages in on a daily basis at the beginning of your story is Point A. Point B represents her Desire and the daily process or abilities she will need to eventually maintain in order to retain her Desire once it is achieved. In between Point A and Point B is a line that connects them. This is your MC’s Journey. It is her learning and growth process. It is the storyline that describes how her thought processes, commitments, and actions change in a way that brings her closer to the obtainment of her Desire.

By mapping out the Journey, you create a narrative structure that provides a sense of direction and progression for your story. It serves as a roadmap for your MC’s development and allows readers or viewers to engage with her story as she moves closer to her Desire.