What are your MC’s Results?

Start answering this question by describing the circumstances your MC lives in at the beginning of your story.

What has been her Desire? Does her desire change at the beginning of the story? Or is it a long-term Desire? How does this Desire change over the course of your story? Or how does it stand the test of time?

What is her relationship with the Cause character? What are her relationships with the other characters in the story? Does she have characters that depend upon her? Who does she play the Cause role for? Are these relationships compatible or conflicting?

What are her abilities, talents, and strengths? What are her weaknesses and shortcomings? What does she know? What does she not know?

What are the ongoing Effects she has been experiencing? Is she anxious and fearful? Or is she depressed and lonely? Does she vacillate between fear and depression? Or has she been living in happily ever after at the beginning of her story until a Conflict arises that separates her from it all?

Describe how each of these variables incrementally changes over the course of your story.

This will evidently be a work in progress, but when you have finished this description, you will have the foundation of a complete story.

If you would like to explore your story in greater depth, move on to the next lesson. But don’t rush through this. Give yourself plenty of time to ponder on each of these concepts. The Story Therapist will be here when you get back.