A Cause is your MC’s guide. It is a person who has already obtained a Desire similar to the one she seeks to obtain and is willing to mentor, teach, train, support, and evaluate your MC along her journey.

The Cause role is played by an individual who possesses the knowledge and experience necessary to obtain the desired outcome. Again, while we will use the male pronouns for simplicity, it’s important to note that the Cause Role can be played by any gender. Your MC’s Cause can assume various sub-roles, including:

  • Exemplar: Someone who serves as a role model or example for your MC, showcasing how to achieve the desired outcome.
  • Benefactor (Provider): A person who directly or indirectly supports your MC in the pursuit of her Desire, providing resources, guidance, or assistance.
  • Teacher: An individual who imparts knowledge and teaches your MC the necessary skills or insights required to obtain her Desire.
  • Evaluator: Someone who assesses your MC’s progress, providing feedback, critique, or guidance to help her refine her approach and increase her chances of success.

These roles provide different dynamics for the interaction between your MC and her Cause, shaping the path of your MC’s journey and offering opportunities for growth and development.