Course Structure

Our exploration of Story Therapy will follow a structured path, beginning with an understanding of the fundamental components of storytelling:

  • Desire: We’ll explore the diverse desires that shape our lives and those of the characters we encounter in stories.
  • Cause: Our story characters do not exist in isolation; they are influenced by their relationships with their Causes (exemplars, providers, teachers, and evaluators). We’ll examine these roles of mentors and guiding forces in our own narratives. Our lives are filled with relationships, and these connections profoundly impact our narratives. We’ll explore the dynamics of relationships, such as our relationships with our:
    • God (our most General Cause)
    • bodies
    • spouse
    • family
    • community

    We will evaluate how they influence our personal journeys.

  • Process: Life is a journey, and the path to realizing our desires is rarely straightforward. We’ll dissect the processes we undergo, the choices we make, and the obstacles we face.
  • Effect: Actions have consequences, and these ripple through our lives. We’ll explore the emotional and psychological effects of our experiences.
  • Result: Every story leads to a result, whether positive or negative. We’ll consider the outcomes of our journeys and what they reveal about us.

Throughout the course, you will find engaging lessons, reflective exercises, and real-world examples that will deepen your understanding of story therapy and its potential for personal growth.