I am obtaining Conflicting Results.

My Specific Results are in conflict with my General Results. There are side effects that I can’t live with.

I am obtaining Results that are too Imbalanced to the Northwest or Northeast and am aiming for more Balanced Results.

My Physical Results are in conflict with my Spiritual Results.

I am obtaining undesirable Paradoxical Results. In the beginning, I was satisfied with the rate of progress toward my desired Results, but over time, that rate is either slowing down too much or I am increasingly obtaining undesirable Results.

One or more of the following abilities are decreasing over time: My ability to keep my word (confidence or reliability), empathy, admiration and gratitude, or humility. And one or more of the following weaknesses are increasing over time: Pride, Anger, Envy, or Toxic Shame.

When I compare and contrast the Results I have obtained in the past with the Results I am presently obtaining, I notice that I am decreasing instead of increasing.

When characters in stories (historical or fiction) obtain Conflicting Results, I view them as failures and believe it isn’t fair. Stories like mine usually end in tragedy.