I have two or more Conflicting Causes that are so equally important to me that I cannot choose between them.

My Cause is NW.  (Single demanding Cause or too many Causes I am trying to please at once). I am trying to obtain too many Desires all at once (or one that is way over my head) and don’t have enough ability, time, or energy to do that. –

A Physical Cause is competing against a Spiritual Cause.

An Acetic Cause is competing against a Hedonistic Cause. Paradoxical Cause?  more long-term Desire is preventing me from meeting my short-term needs.

I have committed myself to a Cause for other areas of my life but am investigating a new Cause for this Desire Obtainment Process. One of the commitments that I have already made is competing against a new Desire.

I have had a Cause throughout my life and am now trying to figure out if I need to level up to another. The person I was in the past and the memory of the Desires I had at that time are competing with the person I am now and the Desire I am presently trying to obtain.