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Your Story

Who is the Main Character of your story? What is her Desire? What is preventing her from obtaining it?

Your Faith

Who is your Main Character's Guide? Who plays the Gandalf, Yoda, or Dumbledore character in your story? Who does she choose to trust?

Your Journey

What is the journey your Main Character needs to take to get to her desired destination? What sacrifices are required of her?

Your Clues

What clues does your Main Character receive that guide her along her journey? How does she know she's on the right path when the going gets tough?

Your Happily Ever After

How does your Main Character know she is progressing in her journey? What relationships, abilities, and characteristics are improving?

What it's all about

Introduction to the Servant

The Servant Story Therapy includes a series of questions that you will be answering in your own private notebook that address the choices your Main Character needs to make along her journey. Definitions are given for the terms used in the questions, which alert you to the conflicts that arise in all stories. The choices your Main Character makes or the ones she has never consciously made subsequently affect the way she feels and the rate of her progression towards her Happily Ever After.

Our Course

The value of our course

  • Develop a Closer Relationship with God

    Take Time

    When you evaluate what your Main Character needs to do to develop a closer relationship with the Guide Character in your story, things become clearer in your relationship with your Savior and your Heavenly Father.

  • Build a more Compatible Marriage

    Take Time

    As you explore the intense emotional response that your Main Character has in her relationship with the man she is in love with, it awakens a remembrance of the importance of establishing and building a healthy marriage. Questions will come to your mind, such as: Can attraction be sustainable? Can we have this feeling of being in love forever, or does it always diminish over time? Does God have a game plan we could follow to obtain Sustainable Attraction in marriage? If so, what are the laws? What are the rules? How can we develop this in our marriage?

  • Learn Paradoxical Parenting Skills

    Take Time

    Your Main Character will interact with other characters in your story for whom she is responsible. You will slow down and consider the best and worst ways to treat them. You will evaluate how she responds to children's naturally imbalanced and dysfunctional behaviors. Creating a character arc for your MC and these other characters will bring empathy and hope in your relationships with your children and others you are responsible for.

  • Strengthen Community Relationships

    Take Time

    Realizing that your MC has an inherent need to serve, rescue, save, or improve something in her community BECAUSE of the strengths and talents she has been blessed with and has honed and developed helps you understand your inherent desires and motives to serve and make a difference in your circle of influence - your community.



What is your Desire?




Who is your Cause?




What is the Process to obtain this Desire?

Plan of Action



What are Effects you're experiencing?




What are your Results?



Balanced Altruistic Influencers

Hellen Keller

The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched. They must be felt with the heart.

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C. S. Lewis

Failures, repeated failures, are finger posts on the road to achievement. One fails forward toward success.

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Nephi remained steadfast and faithful to his parents and God throughout a perilous journey to the Promised Land.

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How it works

The Servant is a unique form of therapy designed to assist you in exploring and navigating your own story. It is a powerful tool that encourages self-awareness and personal growth. You will find that it has value in improving both your storytelling skill and your ability to understand your life story. It is a solid framework to guide your storytelling process and ensure consistency and depth in your narrative and in your life. You will benefit from the Servant Story Therapy not only from its conceptual depth but also for its emotional resonance and relatability.

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